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Sustaining IDA

For many years queers that have made their home at IDA have struggled to make rent to pay the bills of the land and make sure the land is ready to host the many visitors and festivals throughout the year. The residents have supported themselves with jobs like elder-care, online editing, building projects and farm work for neighbors among other things. As we strive to decentralize white supremacy in the queer community and make IDA more accessible, it is clear that it is more of a challenge for trans and QTIPOC (queer trans intersex people of color) to find work in rural Tennessee. Because IDA is located in the rural south it is much more of a challenge to find gainful employment as a queer, as trans, as QTIPOC!

Living at IDA, holding space for other residents, visitors and neighbors is a full time job!  Maintaining the land, the gardens, the kitchen and structures is a full time job!  We are striving to create a network of financial support so Ida can be held by a trans and QTIPOC dominated group of residents! This is a way that you can be part of actively decentralizing white supremacy in the heart of queer community. This is a way to actively help to ensure that Ida is a queer sanctuary for years to come. "

                                                                                                                                                                                                           -former Ida resident Mona Wam

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